Friday, October 28, 2011

Answer this

What shall I do If It dont have anything to do?

                                                                                   (comment your answer)

About My Self

My name is John Nikko M. Dela Cruz I am 10 years 0ld I live in Catanghalan Obando Bulacan Im in grade 4 my email is my blog name Nikko 's Journey my favorite color is red,black,orange,blue my favorite website is facebook my favorite game Social Empire my favorite food is chicken meat.

About My daddy

                 he is bald, he is fat, he works abroad in Doha Qatar. He lives in Bulacan, Philippines. His name:Pascual Jefferson P. Dela Cruz.

Pedring Flood

Your town is Flooded? because our town is Flooded by Pedring in Obando all house in dike are destroyed all vehicle are boat  I heard our problem with the flood will be solved by One Hundred Fifty Million funds, I hope this alloted budget will be spared by corrupt officials. Valenzuela-Obando-Malabon need the help of the national government so this flood will soon be solved.

Welcome Note

I am now ready to blog! I hope to enjoy this more.